Saturday, April 6, 5:30 PM

Jeanette Buck “Heather Has Four Moms”

Donald O'Finn “The Walker”

Liam Parry “Harlem”

Stacey Larkins “Zoe In Review”

Tracey Cockrell “45th Parallel”

Ali Mazrati “Watchmaker”

Carol Saft “My Brother Todd #14:  The Cape”

Negin Homayounpar “Repercussion”

Christopher Ryan “Disappearing NYC - Three Stories”

Cary Patrick Martin “Coffee and a Donut”

Saturday, April 6, 8:00 PM

David Schultz “FISH”

Mariusz Moscicki “Alien + Alien”

Christopher Ryan “Philip Carlson : On Behalf of Talent”

Robert Segarra “Mr. Shoemaker”

George Corrillo “Damned are the Lost”

Duane Michals “Yort”

Nancy Davidson “I Am Not Tame”

Drew Schrum “You or Me”

Shana Darabie “What Happened to Candice”

Donald O'Finn “Head Turn”

Ali Nikfar / Saeed Mayahy “Wash Me Please”

John Maslowski “Droid Dreams”

Ben Model “Whose Chair”

Maryanne Glavin “A Scratch for Every Itch”

Sunday, April 7, 2:00 PM

Johanny Mota “Where's Lilli?”

Janice Moynihan “Ma Phillie”

Knox O'Neill “ Jedi Lego Battle”

Duane Michals “Abra Cadaver”

Jordan Mangi “[brook-lin]”

Britney Ngaw “Casting Call”

Roger Carucci “Acne Treatment”

Ali Nikfar “Fishnet and the Fish”

Bill Curry “Interlude”

Ingrid Aravena “Tin Girl and Mr. Eyeball”

Jack Beck “Stari Grad (Old Town)”

Steven Ruggiero “Clark”

Jesse Ray Sheps “Jesse Ray Sheps Sketch Comedy”

Sunday, April 7, 5:00 PM

Brian  Velsor “Astral Projection”

Ali Hazrate “Rainy Day”

Barzan Rostami “Balance”

Marit Mei-tsan Stafstrom “Orchid”

Jen Lee “The Shape Changer”

Ako Zandkarimi & Saman Hosseinpuor “Slaughter”

Mohsen Mehri Deravi “Sluggish Life”

Nora Tennessan “Honeymoon Phase”

Michael Goldburg “Sure-Fire”